The Guitar Is Power

The guitar is the most expressive instrument there is. It can cry, wail, scream, roar and damn near talk. It can elicit a love song or rip faces off with terrifying sonics. It can channel your emotions or create stories of life. But first you need to understand how it works.

The power of the guitar is through your fingers. Your emotions are felt at the strings and transferred into the air.  But the guitar has it’s own language that you must understand to unleash its power. If you understand the guitar you control it. You are the power. Pretty cool stuff.

They say “knowledge is power”.  It’s true and you better get with it if you want to have the power of a musician. Learn what makes the guitar a force to be reckoned with. Learn the guitar neck and you can be it’s master.  Try the simplest and quickest method there is to conquer the neck. The ACE Guitar Method.

Jim Luckey