Start Playing Out

Why aren’t you in a band or playing out? Are you still trying to learn guitar or feel confident about your guitar playing? Well cut it out. There is no reason for that anymore.  The A.C.E. Guitar Methodwas created with you in mind.

I’ve been playing out and teaching guitar for most of my life. I’ve seen the frustrations involved in learning how to play fluidly and with control. My students were always asking me for “the tricks” to playing well. I always told them the secret is to PRACTICE A LOT. Well, that doesn’t sit well with someone who’s been practicing for 5 years and still doesn’t “get it”. Or to a guy who’sspent hundreds of dollars on books and DVDs and still can’t solo or comprehend simple theory. So I created The A.C.E. Guitar Method to fast track the learning process and it really works. 

When they come to me to learn they know I have something special to offer and I make them pay for it, big time. They’ve heard about The A.C.E. Guitar Method through the grapevine and they know I’m the only guy that teaches it.  They come to me because they’ve seen their friends transform into players in no time and they want it too.

My time is valuable and I always have a sizable waiting list so there are always pissed off guys waiting to get in. I’ve always enjoyed the cash but felt bad about the wait. I’ve done very well for myself so after much prodding and pushing by those around me I’ve decided to share  The A.C.E. Guitar Methodon a public basis. I want players to play and more players to feel the excitement of being in a band.

I remember what it was like trying to overcome the struggle of learning my instrument. It sucked. Every avenue I sought out had pages of mind numbing scales and positions. Diagrams full of notes everywhere on the neck that took way too much time to memorize. It took the fun out of playing. I just wanted to kick some Rock & Roll ass.  I, like most players, learned the hard way with countless hours of study and practice. But thankfully it paid off in the end. Ican onlyimagine what it would be like if I had cut out some of those study years with a simple method like the one I’m offering here.

Don’t wait any longer to seek your dreams. Stop wasting your precious time with complicated explanations and visuals.  Check out the rest of this site because I hope it inspires you to conquer your musical dreams. Follow the simple explanations and diagrams in The A.C.E. Guitar Method and you will see for yourself the simplicity of the guitar neck. Don’t let life pass you by.  Pick up your guitar and kick some ass with an in your face riff.

Jim Luckey