Guitar Secrets Revealed

Yes it has been a secret and I’ve been keeping it for years. You see, I’ve made a lot of money teaching The ACE Guitar Method and I’m damn proud of it. So I’ve decided to let the cat out of the bag, spill the beans, drop a dime.  Why the hell not? I’m in a good place and it has served me well. The bottom line is my students blow the doors off their friends taking regular lessons.   My students win the talent contests, play in the best bands, record CDs, make money and yes, have the cutest girl friends. Hey, what can I say? It comes with the territory.

After many many years of teaching The ACE Guitar Method I can honestly tell you it’s simple and it works. What you won’t find is pages filled with bloviating self serving crap pontificating the merits ofThe Five Modes of The Super Locrian Scale. You won’t see mind numbing jumbles of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome exorcises or diagrams with so many notes on the neck you think you must be an idiot because you can’t memorize it.

Don’t worry, The ACE Guitar Method was created purposely to be as simple as simple gets.  Believe me, it’s simple and you will “get it”. You will view the guitar neck in a new way and you will immediately understand its simplicity. That my friend will change your playing forever. No more searching for notes, chords or lead positions. You will know where the notes are and your playing will improve dramatically. I see it happen all the time.

Now it’s your turn to rip into some great licks, play and understand any chord you want and how it relates to lead lines.  Come on, order up and you will finally see the simplicity and beauty of the guitar neck and how to control it.

Jim Luckey